On “Catchword” And “Catch Letters" (Meaning, Use Formats, Turkish Meaning).
Dictionaries are classified according to their purposes and their qualifications. However, there are common points at which the dictionaries meet in general. “Catchwords” and “catch letters” are one of these common points, which are designed for dictionary users to find any entry searched in dictionary. In the study, “catchword” and “catch letters” terms, which are known with function of entry finding in dictionary whereas on which there are no any study in Turkey yet, are mentioned. For this aim, meanings of “catchword” and “catch letters” have been firstly determined by scanning some dictionaries and sources written in domestic and/or foreign languages. One of these meanings which is related in lexicography is elaborated more broadly. Then, using styles of “catchword” and “catch letters” in Turkish dictionaries with Arabic and Latin letters are illustrated and labelled starting with recent past (1890 Lehçe-i Osmanî). Finally, the recommended terms for “catchword” and “catch letters” are given.

Terminology, Lexicography, Turkish dictionaries, Catchword, Catch letters