Emîrî’s Heft Vâdî Masnawi
Emîrî whose real name is Mehmed is one of the 16th century poets who produced many works. The poet, who owns four diwan and fourteen masnawi, is one of the secrets of the Ottoman literary life. Heft Vâdî is a short masnawi written by Emiri on the ground of Sufism. This work consists of 184 couplets; the range of sufism, the seven behaviors of the saint, and the characteristics of the perfect man are explained. The mesnevi, written in a didactic style, has the characteristics of pend-nâme. In this article, after briefly mentioning the life and works of Emiri, the content and form features of Heft Vadî are examined. In addition, evaluations were made on the text which is the source of Heft Vâdî. In the last part of the article, transcribed text of Heft Vâdî is presented.

Classical Turkish literature, Emîrî, masnawi, seven range.