Symbols in Uzbek Sufi Literary (In the case of Hodja Ahmet Yesevi and Babarahim Mesrep Inventions)
The works of Hoca Ahmet Yessevi, one of the famous leaders of classical literature, “Divan” and Babarahim Mashrep, “Kissayi Mashrep” are the priceless works of the major old Uzbek Turkish language . In the works written on the subject of Sufism, the deity of Man, his feelings and feelings will be explained with simbols, and extraordinary words will be discussed. Apart from this, pieces are brought from the works of the poets of Sufism Literature. In the example Tesevvuf poems, explanations are presented to each Tesevvuf term separately. Besides, in the works of “Divan” and “Kissayi Mesrep”, the ideas and feelings of the people in love in the way of divine love are explained more passionately in various words and they demand a deeper examination in terms of reading, philosophical, Sufi, religious and modern thought. Mirmahmud Mirshemsiddin's son Kari Hökandiy tells Seyit Abdulkadir in his Prophet Muhammad who prefers his sect to meet two World Happiness and admits that he is” a diver to the truth " Gavsul-Azam. The ingenious writer Zakirjan Furkat Hökandiy Sheikh Abdulkadir Hadrat is expressed as a benefactor who will help those who have lost their way.

Liric heroe (poetiс), term, suffistiс scienсe, suffistiс poetry