Muğla-Mentese District Doğanköy, Yenice, Dirgeme Neghborhoods Soldier Graffiti and Visit to Saint “Eren”
Human beings have tried many ways to express themselves from past to present; they have brought the painting and writing adventure starting on the walls of the cave up to today with various tools and developments such as the invention of the writing, the discovery of the printing press, the visual media depening on technological developments and the internet. Graffiti is one of the oldest tools for expressing oneself and still keeps up-to-date with its own name. In the context of folk culture, many practices performed from the beginning to the end of the process of going to the military service, which is particularly considered as one of the transition periods of men, constitute the subject of folklore. In the study conducted in three neighborhoods of Mentese District of Mugla, it was observed and photographed that young people shared their feelings and thoughts through graffiti before going to military service. It is seen that many subjects as the importance and duration of military service, homesickness, separation, reproach, testament and love are mentioned in these graffiti. Besides the writings, simple drawings also attract attention. In addition, many written stones piled on each other were also detected, written by the youth going to military service in an Saint (Eren) locality in Dirgeme neighborhood.

Key Words: Folk culture, military service, soldier, graffiti, Muğla.