Process That Lead to May 27, 1960 Coup and after Coup Reflected in Sevinç Çokum’s Novel Named Karanlığa Direnen Yıldız
Turkish fiction has addressed in detail many subjects that affected society, history, and social and cultural changes since the 1870s. Turkish fiction describes important developments and challenging processes of Turkish politics to readers. The May 27, 1960 Coup, one of the soul-shattering milestones of Turkish political history, was addressed in novels by various authors from different perspectives. Therefore, discussion of the effects and results of this military intervention was not limited to the memories of people who experienced it or to the history books. It was also addressed in the fictional world of novels. Sevinç Çokum, one of the important authors of Turkish literature, in her novel named Karanlığa Direnen Yıldız, addressed from a critical perspective the latest years of the Democrat Party, the ruling party at that time, the relationships of the ruling party with the opposition party, army, press, and universities, the process which led to the May 27 Coup, and the implementations of the National Unity Government. This study examines the personal and social effects of the May 27, 1960 Coup reflected in Karanlığa Direnen Yıldız through a sociological reading method.

May 27, 1960 Coup, the Democrat Party, Adnan Menderes.