Representations And Refreshing… Nothingness in Necip Fazıl Poetry
Necip Fazıl meets us as a different value when it comes to mentioning the values of meaning within the Turkish poetry tradition. The poet, who ties the root of the poem to his burden, relieves difficult riddles in his verse, endeavors to answer with a deep depth the many issues that are boring his soul. Even though the mood of the hank stems from contradictions in the dimensions of belief and unbelief, it has often been in favor of a positive attitude. In this respect, the poetic poetry of Necip Fazıl goes beyond being an artistic presentation and becomes a different value, utopia and manifesto. Of course, a world of absolute value is not questioned. One of the promises that Necip Fazıl carried out in his poetry as a tool of magnifying his border and enlarge it to a unda nothing ’is his concept of unda nothing Nec. The nothingness of the Western methodology, which is mostly theorized by nihilism based on disbelief, carries different meanings loads in eastern and Islamic philosophy. The whole constrictor, before the bullshit, is an opening and relief. Fazıl, who opened his imaginary equivalents such as death, loneliness, time and fate to his poetry, preferred to affirm ın nothing ine instead of shrinking and disappearing. Although it is an abstract value alone, it is one of the basic opening qualities of the N. phasical poetics which has a very heavy symbolic charge. It is a value that looks for its meaning within a skull organization that has its own answers. From this point of view, it is the answer to important questions in the construction of the meaning of Turkish poetry tradition. Both the meaning and the word is the robust registration agent of Çile.

Necip Fazıl, poem, Çile, nothingness