Ottoman Poet Hatemi in 16th Century and His Divance
16th Century is a period that the peak was seen in the classical Turkish poetry. Hundreds of poets including the Turkish literature history’s greatest poets grew in that period. One of those poets is Mr. Ibrahim who is really from Edirne and used firstly the pen name as Matemi and then Hatemi in his poetries. Hatemi who grew in Edirne Sultan’s Palace and became a cavalryman gave up being the cavalryman afterwards. The poet who made the revenue official duty for Turak Çelebi being one of the companions of Selim The Lineage, and who became the multi-specialist official for Selim II after he came to the throne died in 1595-96. Any copies of this work belonging to the poet that the information is not available in the collection of biographies and various biographical resources about that he had the reorganized Divan are not available for today. However, there is a divance belonging to Hatemi in the parallel journal recorded in “Ms. Or. Oct. 3652” in Turkish Manuscripts in Berlin State Library in Germany. Many poetries belonging to the poet are recorded in the various connections of biographies, biographical resources and poetry journals with the poetries in this copy. As a result of the catalogue reviews that we made in order to determine Hatemi’s poetries, we determined 247 poems including 2 kaside, 2 musammat, 4 kıta, 178 gazel and 61 beyit belonging to the poet. The poet expressed his skill at being a poet with his poetries, and he successfully used the factors of poetic theme, imagination and metaphor of classical Turkish poetry. In our study, the information about Hatemi’s life and his literal personality will be firstly given; then, as a result of the review on the poetry journals and various biographical resources, the form and content features of 247 poetries which are determined as belonging to the poet will be emphasized and finally some of the criticized text will be included.

Classical Turkish Literature, 16th Century, Edirne, Hatemi, Divance.