Miscellany of Wits at The Topkapi Palace Museum Library YY No 61 and The Wits About Qadi-asker Ivaz Efendi
Wit miscellanies are important texts that reflect the literary taste of the time it was compiled. In these miscellanies, there are new and original moments as well as the wits in the texts written in previous times. One of these types of miscellanies is the latife miscellany which registered at Topkapı Palace Museum Library YY No 61. The spelling of the miscellany with a beautiful writing compiled in the middle of the 18th century is not as beautiful as its writing. Miscellany, is two sections as the main text in the frame and the marginal text. Although these two chapters are derived from the same pen, there are significant differences in terms of content. The main text is composed of miscellanies, while the marginal text consists of short stories. However, there are also miscellanies among the stories. There is a section in the miscellany that includes the wits of famous people who lived in different periods from the Ottoman history. Qadi-asker Manav Ivaz Efendi is one of the people whose names are mentioned in this section. The miscellany contains five wits of Ivaz Efendi, who died in 994/1586.In the second part of the article, the life of Ivaz Efendi is discussed by using available sources. In the light of the wits in the miscellany and a dismissal fatwa given about him, perceptible data on the life and personality of Ivaz Efendi are given.

Miscellany, wit, Ivaz Efendi