A Verse Petition by Sa'dî
Arz-ı hal or stated arzuhal in other words means a petition that is presented to a state office or authority regarding a matter. In Turkish-Islamic states, individuals that had complaint or request could convey their arzuhal individually or in groups and in written or oral forms. In addition to petitions in the format of petitions today, there are petitions both in prose and in verse in literary works. A verse petition in Faiz Efendi ve Şakir Bey Mecmuası, which Sa'dî, one of the 18th century poets, wrote to The Grand Vizier İbrahim Pasha, is counted among examples of this genre. In this petition which is written in verse of mesnevi and which consists of 19 couplets, the poet expresses his financial problems in an effective and artful manner and asks for Ibrahim Pasha's help in order to solve his problems. This research aims to present the intralingual translation and written translation text after the petition is examined in form and content.

Classical Turkish Literature, 18th century, Sa'dî, verse petition