Maktel Type in Classical Turkish Literature and Manzûme-i Kıssa-i Kerbelâ Of Nevrûz B. Isa
In this study, maktel type works written in classical Turkish literature and one of these works and lived in the late 18th and early 19th century Nevrûz b. Manzûme-i Kıssa-i Kerbelâ's mesnevi belonging to İsâ was introduced. Firstly, information was given about the important works of maktel type written in classical Turkish literature according to centuries, and then Nevrûz b. His life, name, pseudonym and works that can be determined in libraries are mentioned. Then the religious-worldly education he received, the belief system to which he was attached, and finally the date of writing, meter, rhyme, redifi, language characteristics and content were mentioned. Again, in this section, the narratives that the author made while describing the event are mentioned from which works are expressed. Maktel is a general situation in the type Hz. The narrative of Hüseyin's life in a legendary and menkıbevi way is also a feature of Manzûme-i Kıssa-i Kerbelâ.

Maktel, Nevrûz b. Jesus, Manzûme-i Kıssa-i Kerbelâ, masnavi.