Symbolic Analysis of Iron Wadded Iron Scepter Formals in Anatolian Tales
Formals in tales are not irresponsible /unconscious creations of the soul. It gives the answer fort he reality and have different functions. With the formals that are created to reflect the latent features of objects /assets, we can give new meanings to events. Among these formals, “iron wadded iron scepter” with deep meanings gives rich enaning to tales. Iron wadded iron scepter are symbols that arae used to express long and difficult travel. With these symbols the hero took the risk to face any trouble, decided to travel the longest way to achieve the goals and ready to endure over any thing that will be faced. Iron wadded iron scepter formals, as it evokes concepts such as difficulty, impenetrability, impossibility and testing, is related to the shadow archetype. Thus iron wad mean ream and breaking iron scepter mean confront with the shadow. In this work the aim of iron wadded iron scepter of tale heros are classified and symbolic analysis of this concepts is performed. Objects that are used to find lost lover again, fight for love, have child and protect from the danger of bad beings symbolise human beings maturity and perfection. At the same time it appears with the constructive/restorative level of the consciousness of the individual. In tales with puctured /rotting wad and broken scepter patient, brave and determined humans can overcome all difficulties. And the road to happiness is long and difficult messages are instilled.

Formal, iron, tale, symbol