Similarities and Differences Between The Uzbek and Turkmen Versions of The Epic Poem “Ashik Najep”
This article shows the differences and similarities of the epic poem “Najep oglan” in Turkmen and Uzbek versions which were very popular among Turkish people. The poem is widespread among Turkish people including Uzbeks and Turkmens which is depicted that the main idea is related to music art and the importance of ancestors who had been keeping traditions . That's why in this article the poem will be studied and found out the differences in Uzbek and Turkmen versions and their typological changes. Because the main ideas which are notified first are the locations in poem and images of characters such as repertoires that baksi have. On the other hand it is about how the scenes in the poem are settled, in other words the structure of composition are defined. And in both versions of the poem the idea of subject matters, similarities and explanation are discussed

poem, baksi, version, dutar, music, art , typology, scene,