Semantic and Functional Changes in the Lexemes “sozde” and “demek”
Speakers can mark the source of their knowledge and their approach to knowledge in the expression by means of various discursive tools. These two semantic fields are discussed in the linguistics literature under the categories of evidentiality and epistemic modality. Some linguists consider these two categories as separate entities, while others view them as subbranches of a major category. Another approach focuses on the cases in which they overlap. Based on a selected language samples, this study explores the uses of evidentiality markers as epistemic modality markers and the ways they are defined in dictionaries. In this study, the usage areas of the adverbs sözde and demek will be defined and the adverbs will be examined in terms of evidendiality and epistemic modality with examples selected from Turkish National Corpus. As a result of the examination, we will suggest the definitions for these adverbs by explaining semantic fields.

lexeme, definition, adverb, semantic change.