Semantic Evaluation Of The Actions In Fatiha Tefsiri
Abstract Fatiha Tefsiri is one of the works written by Hacı Bektâş-ı Velî in tafsir style. In the work there the numbers and sufi interpretations of the words in the Fatiha. In addition the work has the language features of Old Anatolian Turkish. In the study it is aimed to contribute to the studies in this field by evaluating the verbs in Fatiha Tefsiri in terms of meaning. Verbs in the work are grouped according to their meanings using screening and classification methods. In the study a total of 265 verbs were determined using the screening method. Using the classification method all verbs are classified according to their meanings. Verbs classified according to their titles are exemplified by sentences in the text. Thus the verb existence in the Fatiha Tefsiri was evaluated according to its meanings usage frequencies were given according to the title in which the verbs were made sense and inferences were made according to the data obtained.

Keywords : Fatiha Tefsiri, Verbs, Semantic Classification.