A Multilingual Dictionary Analysing: Tercümanü’l-Lügat
It is very important to bring our dictionaries written in the past to the present and to examine these dictionaries from the point of view of lexicography theories. In particular, historical dictionaries have not been subjected to a comprehensive evaluation due to theoretical gaps in the lexicography literature. Although the graduate studies carried out under the title of “lexicographical analysing, these studies are mostly in the form of grammatical studies related to the dictionary along with the translation writings of dictionaries. Therefore, such studies do not provide comprehensive information on many important features such as dictionary-user relationship, structure and functions of the dictionary. Comprehensive dictionary analysing are needed for the preparation of user-friendly dictionaries. In this study, “The Modern Theory of Lexicographic Functions” developed by researchers at the Center for Lexicology of Aarhus University was adopted as a method and applied on Tercümânü’l-Lügat (TL).

Tercümânü’l-Lügat, Lexicography, Multilingual dictionary, Lexicographical analysing