The Place of Tahtaci Dialect in Local Dialects of Canakkale
Tahtacis are an Alevi-Turkmen community settled on the coastline from the east of the Mediterranean region to the North Aegean. Tahtacis, who live primarily in the Kaz Mountains in the North Aegean, has a distinct belief system and way of life. They live in a more closed society than the rest of the population in the region. Canakkale is a province with a considerable number of Tahtaci communities, as it contains a substantial portion of the Kaz Mountains within its borders. Locals refer to Canakkale Tahtacis as "Turkmen" since it is related to the Yaninyatir society centered in the Narlidere district of Izmir. Tahtaci Turkmens, along with the Yoruks, Manavs, and Gacals, account for nearly all of Canakkale's local population. Various perspectives on the Tahtaci Turkmens’ origin will be examined in the first part of this article. The Tahtaci Turkmens of Canakkale and their settlements will be discussed in the second part. The last part discusses the Canakkale Tahtaci dialect, which has been overlooked up until now. The characteristics of the Canakkale Tahtaci dialect being different from dialects of other local components in the province, will be specified in this part. There are some significant distinctions between the Yoruk, Manav, and Gacal dialects, which are closely related, and the Tahtaci Turkmen dialects. Revealing these distinctions will also contribute to the determination of many linguistic elements of the Canakkale Tahtaci dialect. Examples of dialect traits were selected for the study from texts created as a result of compilation studies conducted in the Tahtaci village or sub-village settlements of Canakkale city center and the districts of Ayvacik, Bayramic, and Ezine.

Canakkale, Tahtaci, Turkmen, dialect