Journey To The Novel From Kemal Varol’s Poem Titled Küfran: Âşıklar Bayramı
Kemal Varol's poem called Küfran is a poem with a story. The author, who wants to provide a logical consistency in the fictional sense, elaborated this fiction with his novel Âşıklar Bayramı. The principles determined in the works examined are the emotional breaks and social problems in the representation of the son who lives with his father in terms of both emotional and distance. In these two works, Varol produced an idealized father figure in front of a hurt son. The author, while giving place to the tragedy of the father and son, which has changed and transformed in the fictional universe of these works, has not stayed away from social realities. Being aware of the fact that the interaction of literary genres with each other will provide richness and diversity in his works, Varol has detailed the story of his poetry with his novel Aşıklar Bayramı. This fiction, which extends to the father's journey of old age accompanied by the past revived with memories from the moment of the encounter with the father, and then ends with death, is handled with an objective attitude. The author, who constructs the father-son relationship with the perception of the social structure, portrays a respected father as a father who has aged and collapsed with the advancement of time, but is still strong and honorable. Time is uncertain and mysterious. The encounter with his father is a moment of confrontation for the son, who lives with his suppressed emotions in his past. When the suppressed emotions that come with timeless reminiscences in the void of time are revealed, the son makes conscientious reckonings with his father and himself. With a clear, plain and fluent expression, the father-son relationship in the mentioned works has been examined in these aspects.

father, Kemal Varol, social facts, time.