Language-Culture Relation Turkish Rap Music Culture
Globalization, one of the most widely spoken words of the recent period, embodies a uniform cultural structure throughout the world. Cultural monotheism usually takes place in the form of an attempt by the dominant culture to subjugate others. This condition is observed in society's daily life routines, dress style, eating and drinking habits, etc. it is possible to observe in many elements. Another area where this observation will be made is musical culture. Music, which has a universal power of influence, has a structure that facilitates intercultural interaction. Therefore, the role of music in cultural changes in a society should be emphasized with precision. In this regard, the relationship between music, language and culture is remarkable. Music is among the products that tend to migrate the fastest on earth, while with the internet, this migration movement has been happening as decidedly and rapidly as it can be. For a start, foreign cultural elements that affect the cultural world for a new reason, such as new products, new concepts, quickly became widespread with the help of the internet and social media, and eventually became irresistible. These effects are felt in many areas of culture, especially language. When a new element is integrated into society, it first seems to have little power of influence. But as the prevalence of use of this element and other structures associated with it increases in society, it is noticed that serious changes in culture occur. This, in turn, increases the appearance of people who are foreign to their culture and language in society over time. In this study, the focus was on the Turkish rap music culture, whose popularity has increased from good to better, especially among the younger generations in the recent period. The mixed structure followed in writing in Rap music with the selected sample lyrics was noted, the importance of language-culture relationship was mentioned and L. Johanson's theory of words taken from another language, ‘copying theory', has been mentioned.

Copying Theory, Mixed Language, Language - Culture Relationship, Rap Music