A Psychologıcal Investıgatıon on Tezer Özlü's Novel "Çocukluğun Soğuk Geceleri"
The work titled “Çocukluğun Soğuk Geceleri” was written by Tezer Özlü. It has an autobiographical character. Tezer Özlü suffers from bipolar disorder. She committed suicide, was subjected to electroshocks. She used haloperidol. She is a revolutionary writer who advocates for all kinds of individual freedom. Her events from time to time destroyed her joy of living. She had multiple marriages. She could not find the happiness she sought in her family life and in her husbands. Family, school, social pressure and sexual prohibitions make individuals sick. Psychological / economic / physical / sexual violence has become a culture in societies that have not internalized human rights. All these troubles are making human life uninhabitable. In this article, the novel named "Çocukluğun Soğuk Geceleri" is examined psychologically. In the novel, individuals and institutions that make up the society are questioned and the outdated approaches of the corrupt culture of violence and oppression are exhibited. There is no happiness in a country where there is abuse and prohibitions. As always, happiness is stuck in the barrier of minds that have not completed their development.

Tezer Özlü, Çocukluğun Soğuk Geceleri, Psychology, Bipolar Disorder, Social Pressure, Electroshock