Passing Of “Kut Kıv” Hendiadyoin In Old Uyghur Turkic The Adventure Of The Word “Kıv” From Historical Text To Turkish
This study, is composed of questions such as the historical situation, the frequency of use, the meaning of the word kıv that is used as having various derivations in the historical periods of the Turkic, situation in Turkish and Dialect; the Turkish Language Reform can not hold on to the word of prosperity derived from root form. In this process, of extending from historical text to Turkish, kıw word, usually a kut with the word creating a hendiadyoin; From Kharanid Turkic, it is seen that the word is used in different forms in the form of nouns and verbs. In Turkish "sevinç, övünç" meaning of the word as well as synonyms; transformed into language contact with the of experienced cultural relations from Arabic to Turkish gurur, iftihar and memnun in the background with the passage of word patterns Turkish Language Revolution and revived kıw and its derivatives kıvanç word, again using the formal language "sevinmek, övünmek, güvenmek ve beğenmek" means in it took place in vocabulary.

Anahtar Kelimeler
The Old Uyghur Turkic, Turkish, Hendiadyoin, Turkish Language Reform.