Hidirellez Celebrations in Nogay Turks Living in Ankara and Konya
Culture, which is generally defined as the totality of the material and spiritual values of nations, is the attitude of nations in life. This attitude separates us from others and plays an active role in defining ourselves. Because human beings need to belong to a nation of nature and need to integrate with the people of that nation. Individuals can realize these by experiencing the cultural characteristics of the nation to which they belong. Hidirellez celebrations are one of the activities that keep the individuals of the society in the cultural treasure of the Turks together and remind them of the desire to become a nation. Hidirellez is a nature holiday that is celebrated in almost all Turkish provinces, where the soil is awakened and the positive energy inside people is adorned with religious rituals by spring coming. In this study, Hidirellez celebrations celebrated by the arrival of spring in the Nogai Turks migrating from the Caucasus to Şereflikoçhisar (Ankara) and Kulu (Konya) were investigated in the mid-19th century. These celebrations were informed about the prosperity and celebration activities in the Nogai culture. In addition, information on the form of şın poetry, which has an important place in the Nogai oral literature and which is widely represented in the Hidirellez celebrations, is presented. This information was supported by making compilations from the villagers who were the subject of our research.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Hidirellez, Nogai Turks, Nogai Culture.