Functions of Suffix “-dı” Used In The Dedem Qorqut Kitabı
One of the grammatical functions “-dI”, in the Dedem Qorqut Kitabı, as in standart Turkish in Turkey, is that it is used as an indicative mood. However, the suffix “-dI” served a second function in the Dedem Qorqut Kitabı, which is not seen in standart Turkish in Turkey. That the same suffix served two different functions led to two different conjugations. Because reasearchers don’t recognize the second function of the suffix, they have considered the difference of the conjugation as a miswriting. Thus, the works considered to be miswriting were emended and transcribed by them. And that the suffix “-dI” wasn’t taken into consideration effected the semantical translations of structures which the suffix used in. This artical examines the second function of the suffix “-dI” and asserts that the intervention by reaserchers from outside is not right and the suffix “dI” must be transcribed as it is written in the original text.

Anahtar Kelimeler
The suffix -dI in the Dedem Qorqut Kitabı, Functions of suffix -dI.