The status and role of the Arabic language in educational institutions at Albanians during the reign of the Ottoman Empire
It is clear that Arabic language in Albanian areas came through the Ottoman Empire. Although Arabic was the language of Qur’an and Hadith, learning it was with a great interest among the Albanians. Learning Arabic among Albanians has a secular tradition, and this is from the beginning of the Ottoman Empire, especially with the formation of the educational system of that time. Traditional schools, of the educational system of that time, have been institutions in which it was taught and studied in Arabic. Arabic, in addition to the importance that had to be familiar with the original literature in Arabic, also had special significance for possession of ottoman language by the local population because ottoman language had seared through a number of Arab vocabulary, against the Persian one. With the penetration of Arab vocabulary there had penetrated even a small number of rules of Arabic language. So, from all this, the local population among the Albanian lands, for giving a more satisfactory level of ottoman language, necessarily had to learn the Arabic.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Arabic, Albanian education, Ottoman.