An Analyze on The Assessments of Shemseddin Sami Frashëri about The Persian Poetry
Many literary works and writing of Shemseddin Sami show that he was an excellent connoisseur of Persian literature and has given it a great space in his scientific and intellectual creativity. But, as a critic and a scientist, he couldn’t forget also to assert his own assessments on this poetry. The first defect of this poetry according to Sami – is love, which according to human and nature rules is not addressed to women and doesn’t speak about them, but is found in an unusual act. Such a defect was also found by later Iranian critics of the literature who stated that love of every Iranian poet is similar, and has the same features and characteristics. The second defect that Sami pointed out is the use of stereotypes like the rose, nightingale, vine, tavern etc, which according to him are excessive and unnecessary that influence in diminishing meaning of the poetry. In this work I will attempt to analyze these two statements of Shemseddin Sami on the Persian poetry.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Sami Frashëri, Persian poetry, literary criticism-