Turkish Proverbs and Their Pronunciation in Osmanische Sprichwörter (1865) -IV-
Transcribed texts written in Latin letters by European scholars before the Letter Revolution of 1928 are very important for Turkish studies. It should be noted that they may contain some mistake as they are the works of non-native speakers. While these texts may have been written for other purposes, they are nonetheless significant phonological resources as they include pronunciation of words, i.e colloquial language. Studies on these type of works started in early 1900s in the West whereas they started in 1990s in Turkey. Transcribed texts written in German, French, Italian and English are currently being studied. The subject of this study is the transcribed texts of Osmanische Sprichwörter, published in 1865 in Vienna. It contains 500 proverbs. Words written in Arabic alphabet mostly obscured pronunciation as they had rigid, structured orthography. In Osmanische Sprichwörter, the pronunciation of proverbs are given both in German and in French transcription system and thereby it was made possible to ascertain the difference between orthography and pronunciation. In this study, 100 proverbs were evaluated. The pronunciations of the words and affixes were discussed.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Phonetics, Pronunciation, Transcribed Texts, Proverb