Social Behavior with Economy In Our Proposals
The proverbs, which have been passed down from generation to generation and have survived to the present day, act as mirrors that reflect the social behavior of nations against events and concepts. In this study, our proverbs were examined in terms of economy and the predicted social behaviors are listed under certain headings. The data of the research was obtained from the Proverbs Dictionary compiled by Ömer Asım Aksoy and analyzed by content analysis. In the proverbs examined, fifteen themes related to the concept of economy were reached. The frequencies of the proverbs that instigate social behavior with the topics listed under these themes are as follows: 1. Work Life (f = 9/23), 2. Wealth (f = 13/30), 3. Poverty (f = 9/22), 4. Job Expertise (f = 1/4), 5. Work Assurance (f = 2/2), 6. Borrowing and Lending (f = 5/20), 7. Expenditures (f = 7/26), 8. Labor (f = 7/18), 9. Trade (f = 6/10), 10. Business Performance (f = 1/3), 11. Employer (f = 2/3), 12. Importance of Quality (f = 4 / 11), 13. Business Partnership (f = 1/3), 14. Money and Human Relations (f = 4/9), 15. Elements More Valuable than (f = 2/5). As a result, proverbs are impressive language elements that convey information about the economy through experiences. It is possible to benefit from the guidance of proverbs in many subjects such as understanding people who are in wealth or poverty, understanding the importance of business life and what to look out for in a good accumulation.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Proverbs, proverbs about economy, social behavior.