Basic Structures of Dictionaries (An Attempt To Develop Term and Definition)
Lexicography which be founded in 1960s and differed from linguistics as a discipline, is a field of study which be recognised only just in Turkey. Lexicography studies can basically be divided into two groups: theoretical and practical lexicography. There is a number of studies in Turkey but these are usually about practical ones. Studies which deal with the theory of lexicography and its critical started to draw attention in recent years. Theoretical lexicography is a new field of study in Turkey so it basically has two important problems: the fact that terms in lexicography are so fresh and can’t be understood adequately; and in present studies there is no agreement about terms among lexicographers. However, lexicography circles have detailed dictionary of lexicography. In Turkish lexicography, to make agreement about terms, it is necessary to understand the terms and make Turkish them, by the help of the available studies. The more the terms which is made Turkish is similar to the origin, the more these help to researchers when they research international resources. In this study, basic structure of dictionary will be described and Turkish lexicography terms will be recommended.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Lexicography, Turkish lexicography, lexicographical terminology, theorotical lexicography, applied l