Debauched Woman As A Victim
In Nahit Sırrı Örik's work titled Jealousy, the young and beautiful woman Mükerrem is sacrificed by other novelists. Her being dreamy, inexperienced and uneducated has a great effect on her material and spiritual disaster. However, it is a fact that her husband chose Mükerrem to rest his life, his sister used her as a means of getting revenge on her elder brother, and Nüzhet satisfied his sexual desires in her. In this process, Seniha takes the leading role. Since childhood, she has been loaded with malicious feelings of jealousy, anger, hatred, hatred, and resentment against her elder brother. This burden has crushed her over the years. She wanted to compensate for her oppression by playing with Mükerrem mercilessly, without taking into account her feelings and thoughts. Seniha is also filled with Shadenfreude in every unfortunate situation her elder brother experiences. Even if her goal is to reverse her elder brother's fortune, the person she consumes is Mükerrem. In this process, Mükerrem gradually loses her prestige in the society by experiencing a loss of status from accompaniment to mistress and from there to b-girl. In the meantime, it should not be forgotten that Nüzhet's death occurred as a result of the pride clash of two men. That is to say, the falling more than the ones causing the decline was punished.

Anahtar Kelimeler
debauched woman, Nahit Sırrı Örik, novel, Schadenfreude, schadenfroh.