A New Reading and Interpretation Proposal for the 55th ırk of Irk Bitig via the atı yitiglig kelir Phrase
Old Turkic script (runic / runiform) was used on papers as well as on stones. Irk Bitig stands out among the text pieces written on paper with some of its characteristics. Irk Bitig has an important place in the better understanding of old Turkic with its vocabulary built with root and derived forms that are not seen in other inscriptions and manuscripts, and with its unique expression methods and techniques. Therefore, it is an important necessity to make detailed examinations on the Irk Bitig’s ırks. Because the semantic world of some ırks and the structural status of some words used in these ırks have not been fully resolved yet. As a result of this, debates on some ırks still continue today. As a matter of fact, the 55th ırk of Irk Bitig was also read and interpreted by researchers in different ways. In particular, the phrase atı yitiglig kelir in the 55th ırk has not yet been explained satisfactorily. Moreover, the structural and semantic state of the word yitiglig is very interesting. In this article, the etymology and semantic dimensions of the word yitiglig are reviewed from a different perspective. In the light of the obtained data, a new reading and interpretation proposal was made for the 55th ırk of Irk Bitig.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Yitiglig, atı yitiglig kelir, *yit- homonym root, the 55th ırk of Irk Bitig, {-(X)gl(X)g} suffix.