Poetry and Poem in Baburnâme
Babur is an important historical personality who lived between 1483-1530 and belonged to the Timurid dynasty and became the sultan of a state that was used as a prince and later called by his own name. Baburnâme or Vekayi, whose work he wrote in his memoirs, attracted great attention because he came out of the pen of a statesman with such a founding power and was written in a sincere language. Baburnâme is a remarkable work for many disciplines in terms of being written by a statesman who ruled in a certain geography at a certain period and who was at the center of many events and having a rich content; It was seen as an important resource. One of the valuable features of Baburnâme is that it contains many examples, text and evaluation on poetry and poet. In this study, mentioned in Baburnâme; issues of poetry and poet are emphasized. The reasons that made Babur important in written culture and the issues affecting its upbringing were touched. As a poet and writer, it has been tried to reveal the evaluations about the technical and artistic aspects of poetry, point of view to poets and their presentation style. One of the different aspects that stand out in the Baburname is the transfer of the life story of Babur in parallel with the historical course of the poetry. A statesman explained how he started poetry, what were the reasons that led him to write poetry, and which poets were influenced and who he communicated with through poetry. Thus, it is understood how the factors affecting the life of a poet shaped his poetry and how the quality of his poetry followed a course of development. In the study, the interests, transfers and evaluations of Babur about poetry and poetry were dealt with in the center of Baburnâme.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Babur, Baburname, memories, Timurids