One Of The 19th Century Poets Kavukçuzâde Niyâzî And His Poems In Divançe
Abstract The 19th century is a period when the tradition of Divan literature, which has been ongoing for centuries, gradually gave way to modern literature, and the old and the new lived together. In this century, although there were some innovations in terms of both form and content, the effect of classical understanding in poetry continued. Although many great poets were not trained in Divan poetry compared to previous centuries, there are many poets who continue this tradition. Kavukçuzâde Hacı Niyâzî Efendi, whose name we have not come across in Tezkires and biography books, is one of these names. It is known that Hacı Niyâzî Efendi, who was a mufti and imam-hatip for a part of his life, was born in Kayseri and died here again after 1834. It is understood from his nickname that he belongs to the family of "Kavukçuzâdeler". The only known work of Kavukçuzade Niyazi Efendi is his divançe registered in the National Library with archive number 06 Mil Yz FB 483. There are 23 ghazels, 3 songs, 1 poet, 1 mesnevi, 14 couplets and 1 verse, written in the form of a historical poem, in this divançe, which is not an imperative. In this article, the “divançe” of Kavukçuzâde Niyâzî Efendi was examined in terms of form and content. A short biography of the poet, who does not have much information about his life, was created based on the sources and his own poems, and his understanding of art was included based on his poems. Finally, the poems of the poet in the divançe, which have not been published until today, have been translated into translation.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Keywords: Kavukçuzâde Niyâzî, Divançe, 19th century, Divan literature.