The Animal Names In Oghuz Group Turkish Languages
While talking about Turkish, everybody think about a language, which was spoken by the people living in the Republic of Turkey. However, there are millions of people living in outside of the Republic of Turkey, and their mother tongue is Turkish. Today over two hundred million people speak in Turkish. Although Turks living in the area from the Balkans to East Turkistan and in other regions of the world speak in different languages and dialects, the language of all of them is Turkish. Studies and researches in the field of Turkology have always revealed this close relationship. In all classification of Turkish language, Azerbaijani Turkish, Turkey Turkish, Turkmen Turkish and Gagauz Turkish languages are included into Oghuz Group Turkish languages. In this article, three thousand five hundred and twenty seven animal names used in Azerbaijani Turkish, Turkmen Turkish and Gagauz Turkish were identified and compared to Turkey Turkish. Thus, similarities seen in dictionaries were identified among the Oghuz Group Turkish Languages in the context of the names given to animals and tried to reveal the rich vocabulary in Oghuz Group Turkish Languages.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Oghuz Group Turkish Languages, Turkey Turkish, Azerbaijani Turkish, Turkmen Turkish, Gagauz Turkish,