Tracking The Marxıst Critic In The Tales In Sabahattin Ali’s Story Book Called Sırça Köşk
Within the oral narrative tradition and defined as the discipline of imagination, tales are cultural memory elements that reveal the archetypal realities of the human soul by relating to universal and national value judgments. It reveals the social, cultural, political and economic structure of the society to which they belong; it plays a decisive role in the establishment of norms and values and in the formation of desired behavior patterns. In the tales of the modern age, whose writer and speaker are known, instead of reinforcing the common behavioral patterns, there is a critical approach and an ideological attitude towards the current system, power and state. Social, political and economic problems of modern fairy tales; Based on the view that it originates from the class difference between the rich and the poor and the conflict between the oppressors and the oppressed, it indicates that it was written with a Marxist understanding of criticism. Marxist criticism, which sees art as a reflective tool of human and social reality, advocates that the writer, who has an ideological attitude, reconstructs the subjects with "false consciousness" with Marxist/socialist ideology and instills the consciousness of revolution. At this point, Sabahattin Ali (1907-1948), who is among the republican era writers and accepted as one of the socialist-realist storytellers of the 1940 generation; he displays his ideological attitude by writing his poems, novels and stories with a Marxist / socialist approach. He reveals his ideological attitude through themes such as poverty, alienation, rebellion, social injustice, labor exploitation, system criticism and the oppressor-oppressed in his stories. In this study, the four tales in the story book called Sırça Köşk, written by Sabahattin Ali in 1947 and which was confiscated by the Council of Ministers Decree in 1948 on the grounds that he criticized the power of the period, and which caused the author to undergo an investigation, were examined with the Marxist criticism theory.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Tale, ideology, Marxist criticism, Sabahattin Ali.