An Approach to the Increase Independence of Meaning in Text
Looking at the methods used to evaluate literary texts from past to present, it is seen these methods changed in relation to the accumulation of thought, and that the adherence to the rules gradually weakened. As individualization has become more prominent in the modern world, the typical features of literary genres have changed as these features are no longer being determined by society. In modern Turkish literature, the language used to illustrate the values of the real world has become one with the schizophrenic language, causing the reader to experience a new way of reading, that is completely different to the experience the reader was used to. These types of texts require “close-reading”, this process can be challenging even while reading prose, however, this can take on a whole other level of challenge when applied to poetry. The process of both changing the syntax of the language, and disregarding the commonly known meanings of words is called “dis-linguistic”. The “dis-linguistic” process can be observed in Murat Üstübal's poem "Bulutu Kaçan Ağaç". In this study, an independent approach to finding meaning will be evaluated outside the sequence logic of language/poetry and in the light of the accumulation of concepts, but also without them.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Dis-linguistic structure in the poem, independence meaning in the text, Murat Üstübal, Bulutu Kaçan