Nonce Words in The Language of Social Media: The Example of Twitter
The words or expressions used by a language speaker to meet their instant communication needs are named with the concept of nonce word. Instant words produced for this purpose in spoken or written language can be adopted and used by most of the language speakers over time. In case, the concept expressed as nonce word leaves its place to the new word (neologism). New words can also become lexical units by completing the institutionalization process. In this study, nonce words used in popular microblog Twitter, which is a category of social media, are discussed. In the scope of research, it was focused on (kafa) dinlemece, takılmaca, gezmece and eğlenmece words derived from the suffix -{mAcA}. The data obtained from Twitter with document analysis were grouped and interpreted to its usage patterns with the descriptive analysis. In the conseques of the analysis, it was established that the words in question appeared on Twitter with more than one use and got out of the nonce word position.

Anahtar Kelimeler
social media, Twitter, nonce word, neologism