The Place And Structure Of The Belonging Group Between Word Groups

One of the subjects that cannot be agreed on, such as sentence types in Turkey Turkish, is word groups. Unfortunately, there is no consensus among linguists in our country about the definition, types and numbers of word groups. One of the word groups that cannot be agreed on is the belonging group. The belonging group differs from other word groups with its use as adjectives and pronouns, and it shows a structure that needs to be evaluated and examined in terms of indicating + specified, complementing + complementing and auxiliary element + main element. Actually, gerund groups, preposition groups, abbreviation groups and belonging group do not conform to the above structures in Turkish. In Turkey Turkish, there is no consensus among linguists in the definition of word groups as in the number of them. Moreover, the definition of word group in grammar books is not inclusive of all word groups in terms of structure and meaning. This situation opens the definition of the word group to discussion and makes it need to be redefined. One of the debates about word groups is the structure of the belonging group, its usage and its place among the existing word groups. In this study, the discussions on the belonging group, which is accepted or not accepted as a word group by some linguists, are generally discussed in terms of the definition, characteristics and types of the word group in Turkish, and examined in detail with examples. In the study, the views of linguists about the belonging group in the existing written sources were classified, examined under various headings, and in this context, it was tried to answer the question of whether there is a belonging group or not.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Syntax, word groups, belonging group, belonging suffix.