Formulaic Words in the Novel of Çarşamba Karısı Cinayetleri of Metin Savaş

Words that are said in certain situations and reflect the culture, tradition and religious belief of the society in which they live are called stereotypes. Phrases that are frequently used in speaking in daily life; It is used during events such as prayer, curse, apology, marriage, greeting, and thus gives a colorful image to the conversation. The subject of this study is the stereotypes in the book Çarşamba Karısı Cinayetleri. We tried to identify the stereotypes in this book and evaluated and classified them in various ways. Classification was examined in 15 groups according to its function. Then the examples in the book are given. The purpose of our research is to determine the pattern words used for prayer, curse, oath, etc., and requests for communication, etc. and contribute to Turcology in this context.


Metin Savaş, Çarşamba Karısı Cinayetleri, Formulaic, Words.