Divan Şiirinin “Bâzâr”larına Dair Bir Değerlendirme

Mastered in using words precisely, the Ottoman poets stand as the wizards of expression by bringing wide meanings to every single poem. The Ottoman poets revealed an abundant number of wrods and meanings by using certain words in daily language with different correlations. The major factor shaping such a case is that the Ottoman poets are based on figurative expressions. Accordingly, Classical Turkish poets brought profoundly new discourses by going beyond lexical meanings. The word "bazar" to be analyzed in this article is also cited constantly by the Ottoman poets in order to reveal different concepts in readers' minds. Rooted in Pahlawi language, the word "bazar" appears as "pazar" in standard Turkish spoken throughout Turkey. The poets also used the Persian word "Çarsu" and the Arabic word "suk" against the term "bazar". This word is used bilaterally by referring to trade and marketplace. Furthermore, it is also adopted by proverbs. In order to observe the aspects of this word followed by classical Turkish poets, a literature review is performed on specific poems written in different centuries Minimum two poems are selected for every century between 15th to 19th centuries. Subsequently, a thematic review is adopted on thirteen poems in total. In this study, certain headlines are specified since it is realized that the poets use relevant word in similar aspects and the subject is explained with sample couplets selected from the literature review.


Ottoman poetry, semantic world of the Ottoman poetry, the word "Bazar"