Hüseyin Atlansoy Şiirinde “Ben/Kendilik” Kavramlarının Yansımaları

"Ego"; it is a concept that has been discussed from past to present and became a concept with Descartes in the 17th century, and is called "epimelesthaisautou", that is, "taking care of yourself", "taking care of yourself" in Greek. Today, the philosophy of the “ego/self refers to the philosophical views that center the self and think reflexively on the "me". The concept is effective in literature as well as philosophy. This effect can be seen when looking at Turkish poetry. On the other hand, this effect is negligible in Classical Turkish poetry; because the artist is not a subject. Before the artist, there is an understanding of art determined by tradition and tradition. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about an ego/self-consciousness in the poet of this period. Seeing the individual and his psychology in poetry begins with Tanzimat poetry. The poets of this period reflect their personal feelings and thoughts to their works. “Ego” takes the place of we in classical poetry. In this period, a strong self-consciousness can be seen in Abdülhak Hamit Tarhan and in Tevfik Fikret from the next generation. The modern self seen with Tanzimat poetry; states such as death, freedom, existential anxiety and loneliness are also seen in the poetry of the Republic. From Orhan Veli to Necip Fazıl, Edip Cansever, İlhan Berk, etc. many self-conscious poets, from II. Yeni to İsmet Özel and the poets of the 80's generation, have thought about this issue or have written poems. The emphasis of "ego" makes itself felt strongly in Hüseyin Atlansoy's poetry. His poetry almost revolves around "ego". This is embodied by the poet's describing herself directly or indirectly pointing to her ego through images. "Ego" is an important clue in analyzing his poetry. In Atlansoy, “ego” appears sometimes as a child, sometimes as a teenager who has just stepped into puberty, sometimes as a sick teenager, sometimes as a lonely voice, and sometimes as a voice that defies oppression.


Ego/Self Philosophy, Self Consciousness, Poetry, Hüseyin Atlansoy