Yayın Mücadelesinde Padişahtan ve Okuyuculardan Destek Bekleyen Terakki Dergisi (1896-1897)

Terakki Journal, which was published under the concession and editorship of Cerrahizade Ali Sacid, is the first illustrated magazine in İzmir. It was published once a week on April 30, 1896 and continued its activity until 1897. Composed of 24 issues in total, Terakki acted in accordance with the publishing policy of the period and included educational and instructive articles. Unlike the literary-scientific journals -Nevruz, Tulu and İtilâ- which were published in İzmir before it, Terakki emphasized the positivist thought and adopted the principle of being realistic in literary works. In this respect, it is meaningful to give the journal the name “Terakki” with its editorial policy advocating progress and innovation. In addition to stories, poems and criticism, the journal also includes articles on agriculture, law, morality, philosophy, medicine, history, pedagogy, and science. The fact that the people didn’t attach the necessary importance to education and information, did not respect the useful services of the press, and remained indifferent to cultural activities had a great impact on the Terakki journal ending its activities before completing its first year. For this reason, Cerrahizade Ali Sacid expected support from Abdulhamit II and the readers to keep the journal afloat.


Izmir press, journal, Terakki, Cerrahizade Ali Sacid.