Köktürk Abidelerinde “Bilig” Kelimesinin Yapı ve Anlam Özellikleri

Köktürk Monuments, important to be a source for all people researching the Turkish language, is one of the most significant corner stone. Monuments, the earliest written sources, clarify the past and the future of the Turkish language. There have been so many studies about Monuments which are elucidator and has a determining role about form and function of Turkish. Since Monuments consist of belief, social values, and customs of the Turkish culture in the period they were written, they also lead today’s world. When Köktürk Monuments are studied, it is seen that bilig is one of the word conspicuous with its effective task in writing. The meaning depth and diversity of Bilig is attributed a meaning of wisdom, mind, knowledge, consciousness, idea, notion, intelligence, information by the researchers and it indicates the importance of the word. Researching of word bilig with its form and meaning will contribute the diversity of Turkish because a community based on knowledge and language knowledge kept with its variants is so impressive. This study is based on the word bilig, used in the monuments, by analyzing its form and meaning. The parts of the word were transferred and examined same as the monuments.


Köktürk Mouments, Old Turkish, Turkish Language, Bilig