Masalların Ürkütücü Gerçekliği: Grimm Masalları Örneği

Tales are a type of narrative that is expected to be told with curiosity by trusting the audience, which is transferred from generation to generation within the products of oral culture. There are various cultural codes in these narratives. The first work on 19th century fairy tales began with the Grimm Brothers. The Grimm Brothers are one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to fairy tales. Although fairy tales are genarally thought of as a product of imagination, they are very close to reality as they contain sections from life. The message to be given in fairy tales is usually told through the struggle of good and evil. While describing this struggle, very plain expressions are used. Grimms’ fairy tales, on the other hand, contain many frightening elements. Grimms’ fairy tales in which the audience shudders and there is a picture outside the familiar fairy tale line, express the importance of evaluation. There are frightening elements in 29 detected tales. In the article, these frightening elements were evaluated under the title of cutting of limbs, eating human flesh, testing, betrayal, psychological elements and unclassifiable frightening elements. With these frightening elements encountered in the study, the message that evil exists and that one should always be careful in life is given.


Grimms’ fairy tales, frightenings elements, eating human flesh, testing, bestrayal.