Halide Edib'in Son Eseri Romanının Tefrika ile Kitap Baskıları Arasındaki Farklar

The subject of the novel Son Eseri is the love of the novelist Feridun Hikmet, and the painter named Kamuran, who is known in Europe. Halide Edib Adıvar serialized her novel Son Eseri in Tanin newspaper in 1913 and published it as a book in 1919. The author wrote her work in memory of her friend, the painter Müfide Kadri, who passed away at a young age. The novel underwent some changes by Halide Edib in its second edition in 1939. In her “Preface” to the second edition of the novel, the author states that these changes are in terms of person, place, style and partly in terms of plot. However, when comparing the novel Son Eseri with serials and book editions, it is seen that this is more. In this regard, we will examine the changes between the editions of the novel under the headings of “linguistic exaggerations”, “plot”, “change of character”, “change of place” and “other changes”. In the second edition of the novel in 1939, Halide Edib didn’t adopt the language policy of the pure Turkish movement and simplified the words and phrases in general; by reducing the descriptions, she shortened the sentences and made the narrative simple and clear. In addition, she sometimes expanded the fiction by correcting the flaws in the plot. In addition, instead of Donna Ancelo in the serialization and first edition of the novel, she included Madam Angelz in the second edition. Again, in the second edition, the location was changed and included France instead of Egypt. Especially in the first edition of the novel, there are many elements of Western culture, but Halide Edib removed many of them in the second edition. The article will focus on the reasons for the changes by showing the differences between the prints.


Halide Edib Adıvar, Son Eseri, serial, book, printing differences