Emine Semiye'nin Teârüf-i Müslimîn Sayfalarında Rusyalı Müslüman Kadınlarla Muhaberesi

Teârüf-i Müslimîn, the first periodical published by Russian Muslims in the Ottoman lands, is in an important position, especially in terms of history and literary research. The magazine generally covers various issues of Turkish communities outside the Ottoman Empire, the organization of education, the unity of Turkish peoples and the emancipation of women. In this context, letters published in the archives of Teârüf-i Müslimîn regarding the position of women in society and especially their education were identified. These letters are important in terms of history, literature and women's studies. The first of the letters in question is the letter published under the name Sibiryalı Ayşe. Following the publication of this article in the magazine, various letters written by different female writers were identified. In this study, some letters published as a series of “communications” in Teârüf-i Müslimîn will be transferred to the transcription alphabet and their content analysis will be carried out. The most important aspect of these letters published in the 1910’s is that various female writers, especially Emine Semiye, touched on issues such as girls education and the role of women in society. In their writings, the authors reflected a common view and perspective at some points and included opposing views at other points. Regardless, these letters, which reflect many characteristics of the period in which they were written, attract attention as texts open to examination. Therefore, examining these writings in detail will reveal the way the subject of femininity was historically “perceived” in the societies of the period. In addition, it will make a new contribution to the studies carried out on these issues today.


Tearüf-i Müslimîn, Emine Semiye, letter, woman.