Polisiye Romanlarda Hemşireler

Nurse characters, of course, appear in a highly functional way in literary genres where the subjects of disease and war are discussed. The main characteristics of the works in question are that they are self-sacrificing, devoted, heroic, full of love for the homeland and nation, and that they act in accordance with professional requirements even in the most difficult and sensitive moments. We see that nurse figures are characterized differently in works where extraordinary situations such as war and disease are not effective in shaping the case. For example, we see that nurses are drawn as key people in the organization of the plots of some detective and thriller novels. So much so that nurse characters are given major roles in solving a murder, understanding the cause of a suicide, or in the realization of all these. Accordingly, in some detective and thriller novels, nurse characters act like detectives in solving the murder. In some cases, they become victims of murder. In these novels, doctors are generally key people in the commission and explanation of the murder. In novels where some detective and thriller elements are intertwined, we see nurse characters as negative and obsessive people. Their professional knowledge gives them the opportunity to act in ways that increase tension. All this makes nurses an important figure in detective and thriller novels. In this article, we have tried to evaluate the characteristics and functions of nurse characters in detective novels.


Keywords: Detective and Thriller Novel, Nurse, Murder, Detective, Victim, Villain.