Memlûkler ve Memlûk-Kıpçak Türkçesi Üzerine Yapılan Çalışmalarla İlgili Bir Kaynakça Araştırması

Mamluk Kipchak Turkish is a general name given to the language of the works written and produced in the geography of the Mamluk State, which ruled in Egypt, Hejaz and Syria from 1250 to 1517. There are many works of Mamluk Kipchak Turkish, including dictionaries and grammars, literary works, works in the field of horsemanship, religious works and works in the field of archery. These works do not show a complete unity in terms of language features. For this reason, they are characterized as mixed language. In the works written during the Mamluk Kipchak Turkish period, the features of Harezm, Oghuz and Kipchak Turkish scripts are mixed (Özgür, 2021: 95). Studies on Mamluk Kipchak Turkish, which has an important place for Turkish language, are increasing day by day. The large number of works written on Mamluk Kipchak Turkish has made it difficult to follow these studies and the necessity of summarizing these studies has arisen. Bibliographies are important works that provide great convenience to researchers. In this context, in this article, books, book chapters, master's and doctoral theses, articles, papers on Memlûk Kipchak Turkish, which constitutes an important stage in the development process of Turkish language and is very rich in terms of content, have been scanned and listed, including domestic and foreign studies. This article has been created to facilitate researchers who want to work in the field of Mamluk Kipchak Turkish.


Mamluk, Mamluk Kipchak Turkish, Bibliography.