Kültürel Bir Değerin Endüstrileştirilmesi: Ramazan ve Reklam

Advertising can be called the promotional activity of a product in order to offer a product to people's choice and to ensure that it is preferred, to create a perception of need through it, and thus to increase the demand for that product and ensure that it is produced more, in order to gain more economic profit. The business field that undertakes advertising professionally and obtains economic profit from this business sector is called the advertising industry. Especially in recent years, the advertising industry has been using all tools and cultural values to influence people, ensure the purchase of a product, and thus gain more economic profit. While the advertising industry previously used newspapers, magazines and advertising signs as advertising tools, it later started to use radio, television, cinema and public transportation. In the 21st century, communication tools such as the internet, social media, giant illuminated billboards and stadiums in city centers are used more and more. The advertising industry may sometimes prioritize cultural values in terms of content. While using these cultural values as a sign of sincerity, it aims to create a sense of trust in people, to market the product it wants to sell more easily and to gain economic profit from this thanks to this trust. One of the cultural elements that have spiritual value for the Turkish people is the holy month of Ramadan. During this month, the nature of many advertisements and the audience they address may change suddenly. This situation also shows us how a cultural value is industrialized by turning it into a production instrument.


Ramadan, Advertising, Television, Internet, Culture Industry