Digitalization Of Public Culture And A Culture Transfer Method: Sanalköy

The legacies of humanity that are about to disappear today are the accumulations of the period before urbanization in the last hundred years, when life was lived close to nature. Because today, the human being who lives as a part of the machines in the factories he established, was the human being who dominated his entire life in the previous period, managed, produced and diversified it. Therefore, although their cultural heritage at that time was perhaps primitive, it was very diverse. Therefore, it is especially important to compile those heritages and not to lose them. It is known that the studies carried out by folklore with the classical compilation method are far behind the ideal result. The data obtained mostly remains within the academic community and archives and cannot be shared with the owners of this heritage. People of rural settlements have migrated to cities and even to different countries. This has made it very difficult to compile using the classical method. In the last twenty years, an alternative digital world to the real world has been established. The young generation, which has become the individuals of this new world, has lost contact with the older generation, the individuals of the real world. In this study, the question of whether the problems of folklore can be approached with the attractiveness, speed and wide usage opportunities of technology is discussed. Information on the working systematics of digital environments, the opportunities they offer, their attractive aspects, young people's use of digital media and compilation methods in the field have been brought together. Thus, a proposal was developed on the content of a web environment where compilation can be carried out in a digital environment. Accordingly, a virtual platform has been envisaged where all young people can become members of the site as members of a village, then make compilations with the guidance of the site and save the results with digital opportunities. In this study, which was evaluated with its strengths and weaknesses, more than twenty advantages of the digital platform were determined. The study was completed with remedial solution suggestions for the estimated weaknesses.


folkkore, compilation, digitalization, cultural transfer