Eski Uygurcanın Eşdizimsel Söz Varlığı ve Eşdizim Sözlüğü

In Turcology research, there is a need to know the collocation information of the historical vocabulary of Turkish and to determine the collocational vocabulary in the accurate and competent analysis of historical Turkish dialects and texts. This need has been felt intensely by researchers working on historical Turkish languages and texts, as collocation research in Turkey Turkish has gained momentum. Recently, many academic studies have been written in Turcology, preparing the collocations of different historical Turkish dialects and texts as master's and doctoral thesis studies. Although there are incomplete studies in Turkology in terms of methodological and theoretical aspects, competent and remarkable studies on the collocational vocabulary of historical languages are also published. Text-oriented studies on Old Uyghur collocations in Turkish Turcology include Wikens's (2021) trilingual Handwörterbuch des Altuigurischen Altuigurischen- Deutsch- Türkisch “Hand Dictionary of Old Uyghur, Es Uyghur-German-Turkish”, prepared in three languages for the analysis of Old Uyghur texts. It attracts attention with its vocabulary and characteristics of a collocation dictionary. In this study, the collocation description method of Wilkens (2021)'s dictionary and Old Uyghur formulaic language units and collocations are described.


Collocation, formulaic units, Wilkens (2021), Old Uyghur, Turkish vocabulary